"My dogs have been groomed regularly at Cradlewynd since 1990.
They always return looking beautiful, smelling wonderful and wearing pretty bows.
Enid loves dogs and dogs love Enid.
She always provides a friendly, helpful and reliable service."

Margaret Wilkins   Carmarthen.


"From 1996 our wirehaired Fox Terriers have been groomed, to breed standard, by Enid. The care they receive and the skill of their grooming has made it an absolute joy for us."

Judy and Nigel MacDonald 


"Our dogs have been groomed at Cradlewynd for 20 years. We always get a warm welcome. Enid’s knowledge and understanding of dogs mean she has both our pet’s and our trust. We’re happy knowing our dog is always treated kindly and made to look his best."

Philip & Rhiannon Smith

Dog Grooming

After enjoying many years of grooming my own dogs and preparing them for shows, I decided to expand my skills in this creative field.
So, in 1989, I trained at the London Academy of Grooming as a canine beautician. Since then I have built on my ability to handle dogs and make them feel at ease, combining a natural eye for conformation with artistic flair.
95% of my clients come by recommendation from Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

Professional Dog Grooming - CradlewyndDog Groomers at CradlewyndProfessional Dog Groomers - Cradlewynd

Each dog has an individual appointment for an exclusive one to one pampering session.
Even the most timid will find the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable.

Why not bring your puppy along for his first trim?
I specialize in introducing ‘wriggly first timers’ to being handled and groomed making sure it is never a scary time for them.
Whether your dog is a regular client, or a holiday guest they will always be treated with gentle, experienced hands.

From brushing, bathing, conditioning and massage through to finishing and blow-drying.
I will hand scissor, hand strip or clip your dog to breed standard or a style of your choice.
Ear care, pedicures and emptying anal glands complete the service I offer.

The difference is in the detail!

Relaxing Dog Grooming

London Academy of Grooming Trained Dog Groomer - Cradlewynd

To find out how your dog can be styled the gentle, Cradlewynd way
call Enid on

Telephone number01994 453215 - or Email addressEmail: info@cradlewyndboardingkennels.co.uk